Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game APK 2019 Download Version 1.30 

Motu Patlu is a game of Nazara Games 🎏 Speed Racing, which is traveling to the 🎇 present world of Farafuri Nagar, Egypt, Jungle, etc. And the adventures of his ❄️adventures in the most fun, dangerous 🌊 and exciting places in the world.
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Motu Patlu King Of Hill Racing Snow Winter Game New Update Download

It’s last here! Motu Pulu 🎏 together in an adventure, racing, 🎇 stunts and hill climbing style game! Motu patlu ❄️ is landing on a new adventure and at this time 🌊 he needs to run fast and turn upside down, climb on rugged winding roads.
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Motu Patlu Amazing Cricket Game APK Free Download For Android Mobile

Enjoy the fun and adventures of cricket 🔥 with Motu Patlu Cricket Game. ⛷ Motu is competing in a cricket match! Now you can 🎄 Motu Patlu cricket game download and play together 👍 with your favorite character too! 
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Motu Patlu Bike Game Download free APK | Racing Game

Motu patlu game download free of Motu 🎄 and Patlu that travels in the thrilling😃 world of the city, Jungle etc. 🎏and their adventures in the world’s😍 most fun, dangerous and exciting places. The main objective of motu patlu bike race game is to run till the 🚙end of the level and to collect as many coins as possible to unlock new 😎vehicles and upgrade power-ups.  
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[NEW] Motu Patlu Jungle Adventure Game APK Free Download

Did you ever make a trip to the Jungle? 🎄 If you think No!💰 You miss lots of Interesting Things. ButDon’t Worry 🤑 let’s get ready to go a jungle trip 😎with our favorite Motu and Patlu. 
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Motu Patlu Train Wala Game APK Free Download

Are you Like Train Game? I like it too much,😃 I hope you also Like this Motu Patlu ❄️Train wala Game. This is the Great🎥 opportunity to enjoy the train experience in the Motu Patlu🏎 Gaming In your Android Mobile. ⏰So Why are you waiting! Just Take your mobile Click the😃 Download Button and Install to enjoy the Motu 📢Patlu Train Game in Your mobile.
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Motu Patlu Car Racing Game Download APK | Motu Patlu Car Game

this is the exciting new wonderful Motu Patlu Race🎏 Game, the truck racing game🚙 where the Motu and Patlu are riding in a hill. 📟you can enjoy the greater experience⏰ and it gives you the real feel of driving.
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Motu Patlu Temple Run Subway surfer Game Download – Free Adventure Game

To play motu patlu temple 🎄run game use different bikes and catch power🔥 up while walking and reduce the chase. Before going to John,📢 Dodge trucks, buses and cars ❄️Running and chasing John,📱 you collect enough gold coins to unlock other characters of the Motu Patlu 😍Temple Run Adventure. 
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Hey Guys! We all know that Motu Patlu is an Animated Cartoon series which is telecasting on Nickelodeon India. The main characters in this series Motu and Patlu win millions of Kids heart and Most popular cartoon series in Indian cartoon. The theme song of Motu Patlu “Motu Patlu Ki Jodi” is amazing and entertaining.
Let’s know more about the Game…
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Motu Patlu is an Indian animated sitcom television series on Nickelodeon. The series is made by Cosmos-Maya. It has been adapted from the classic comic strip on the Lot Pot. Its premiere began on October 16, 2012, with “John Banegaon Dawn”. It is centered on two friends, Motu and Patalu, who live in the fictional city Farfuri city.
Director Suhas Kadav and subject music musician Sandesh Shandilia. Producer Deepa Sahi and Anish JS Mehta. The theme song “Motu and Patalu Jodi” is sung by Sukhwinder Singh. It is one of the most popular children cartoon series in India
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The story is surrounded by Motu and Patlu, two friends living in the city of Farruffi. The show also cautions how both are protecting themselves in the context of comic strife, and then only redeem themselves with luck. Motu’s favorite food samosas are trying to steal them from the local Chaiwala that creates the best samosas in the city.
The Motu is primarily black sheep, but Patlu always has trouble settling them. Sometimes, the characters help the lizard, lion and doctor Jhatka. However, Dr. Jhatka tries to make widespread gadgets and gizmos wide skills, which are sometimes misleading and tactical. After eating Samosa’s, he gets temporarily more energy and strength than normal.
The main rival of the series, “John the Don”, is the culprit, who has always joined with his two sluggish-wanted soldiers, number one and number two. If John wants to become a Don, but his plans are always lost by the heroic deeds of Motu and Patlu, he also exposes his plans to the trick.



1. Motu Patlu Cricket Game APK Free Download

Enjoy the fun and adventures of cricket with Motu Patlu Cricket Game. Moto is competing in a cricket match! Now you can Motu Patlu cricket game download and play together with your favorite character too!  Tap the display to swing the bat, because the ball comes towards it and attempts to target the numbers on the scoreboard to attain the rating. Beat the opponent’s rating to win the game.

2. Motu Patlu Bike Game Download free

Motu Patlu Speed Racing is a game of Motu and Patlu that travels in the thrilling world of the city, Jungle etc. and their adventures in the world’s most fun, dangerous and exciting places. The main objective of Motu Patlu game is to run till the end of the level and to collect as many coins as possible to unlock new vehicles and upgrade power-ups. Motu Patlu bike Game Download The latest in the world of bike race simulation. Get ready for the fabulous and extremely adventurous bike games.

3. Motu Patlu Temple Run Subway Surfer Game Download

Motu Patlu Temple Run All Games 3D Game New exciting free action and exciting adventurer game is a super adventure run and jump game. You have to slide several different obstacles around and around and help the hero Patalu to eat a lot of Gold coins in this crazy new endless race game.

4. Motu Patlu Car Racing Game Download

everybody is rating Motu Patlu hill racing game. This game is indexed inside the Racing category of the App play store. To examine more approximately the company/developer, you can go to the Nazara games website, which developed it. Hill Racing Moto Ptulu King can be 17 API and downloads on Android gadgets that help the above and set

5. Motu Patlu Train Game APK

You can also try to train a simulator game. This game is a very realistic practice of train travel operations. Jane points, jack connections etc. like the real exposure of process train lining. You need to avoid trains from other trains and provide a wonderful experience.

6. Motu Patlu Jungle Adventure

You have to collect the coins with Motu in the whole Jungle. Help the Motu by directing him to collect the coins. In this game, you will experience lots of exciting and wonderful levels. Try to complete the levels and win the game with Motu and Patlu.  


Motu: Motu is a fat man who acts as one of the show’s central heroes. He likes to eat samosa which gives her power. He is a gardener. Motu’s best friend is Patalu. He often falls into trouble due to his actions. He is always looking for the easiest way to earn money, have fun and eat lots of samosas, even if it means landing in trouble. Sometimes he gets over-expression during celebrating his victory and can do some silly things as if a pirate has recently brought back, which he had recently sent in the past.
Patlu: Patlu is a thin man who acts as one of the show’s central heroes. They are often portrayed as the most intelligent person in the city. He often falls into trouble with motto but when he is in trouble, he helps himself and Moto. He always advises Moto to stay in his normal track and thus “lives without danger”, but he can always be combined (or forced) by Moto to help him.
Dr. Jhatka: Dr. Jhatka is a whimsical scientist. Their pronunciation is like Sardar, so they are known as Punjabi. His inventions are usually very effective, but there are fewer uses for the people of the city. In fact, someone in trouble more often than ending the landing. The shock is known by its bald hair, green shirt, purple necktie, and blue jeans.
Ghasitaram: Ghasitaram has 20 years of experience in every field, but any experience is not useful for any experience. He is from a hospital in West Midnapore, West Bengal. Dr. Like a shock, their so-called “20 years of experience” often disturb people, especially Moto and Patalu, in trouble.
Chingum: There is a police inspector. He believes that no criminal can escape his plateau. However, with the help of Chingum Moto and Patalu, only manage to catch criminals from fate. A Rajinikanth devotee with a strong South Indian accent, Chingam is an Assistant Police Inspector.
Chiwala: A man who lives near Motu’s house. He makes a favorite tea of Motto’s favorite samosas and pallu in the city. Moto stole samosa from his shop and does not pay him money. Moto gets lots of energy by eating the samosa of the tea. After eating samosas, he shows aggression and can kill anyone, although the chaiwala does not like to eat his samosas for free.
John: John acts as the main protagonist of the show. John’s ambition is to become Dawn. But their plans always fail very badly and they are arrested for being fed by others.
Boxer: Moto’s neighbor/neighbor who wears red boxing gloves, wears red pants with a white tank top and vertical yellow stripes. He is an aggressive person and a teacher at school who he used to participate His coach is Mr. Thakur. He always wants to help his neighbors but he gets annoyed and kills them.
Babbalgam: He is the father of Chingam and police commissioner of Farfuri Nagar and the surrounding villages.
Hera Singh: He is a sergeant of Inspector Chingam. He always tells Chingam, “You are above, you are Hindustan”, which means “You are India’s greatest hope”.
Ferry Lal: He is a haven from Inspector Chingam. He always remarks, “You are a great sir, but sir was born a long time”.
Sabjiwala: He sells the best vegetables in the entire Farfuri town. Moto can sometimes have trouble for him and can give him some money.
The series has been built in a fictional city of Furfuri town in India. Farfuri town is a peaceful but glamorous Indian small town, as well as surrounded by a river with some shops, a large market area, a bus depot, a single story house, temples and a group of some recreational places. 
There are few villages and some neighboring cities shown in such series as Kamalpur, Surasur Nagar and modern cities. Despite being a small town it has its own airport. It has not been clearly mentioned that the city is actually located in India but most of the vehicles are plate numbers starting with MH, which are standing for the state of Maharashtra. The city police force wears the uniform of the Maharashtra Police.


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